Who We Are

CMDS, Inc. is actually Clinic Management and Development Services, Inc. It was created ten years ago in order to develop, acquire, and/or manage medical clinics focusing on substance abuse treatment, including programs involving residential treatment. CMDS presently owns and operates a successful mental health program and Intensive Outpatient Program, both located in the City of Baltimore.

We recognize that the inner city population of those suffering from addiction usually face more obstacles to recovery than others. Homelessness, mental illness, criminal convictions, hunger, disease, and a lack of essential support. Accordingly, we partner with organizations that address these additional needs.

A sister organization, New Life Evangelical Baptist Church, provides social and church programs, transportation, and day care for our patients.

Turning Point Clinic is another partner that shares the same vision and goals as does CMDS. Turning Point provides methadone and Subuxone treatment for those suffering opiate addiction.

And New Life Food Pantry, another partner, provides free meals and groceries to patients.

Turning Point and New Life Food Pantry are both nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations.

CMDS is working presently with Turning Point to develop a residential treatment facility, which will provide transitional housing for homeless patients.

We provide mental health evaluations and therapy, and access to medical staff who write prescriptions for necessary psycho-active medications. We also provide Intensive Outpatient treatment for substance abuse patients.

We provide highly customer-centered and results-oriented management services for existing medical clinics, and real estate and business development services for new clinics.

Focusing on the needs of substance abuse providers in particular, CMDS brings to the table state-of-the-art technological solutions (usually involving custom made software for all aspects of clinic administration and management); Human Resources services; consulting; site acquisition and development; and clinic operation and management.

CMDS, Inc. also owns and operates a successful mental health program and Intensive Outpatient Program in the City of Baltimore.

We have created a professional staff that is remarkably diverse in all ways. Full time software developers, former real estate executives, policy experts, seasoned IT experts, and former Wall Street and other finance professionals.