Deciding to enter treatment for addiction is the most important decision you will ever make. Our purpose at CMDS is to provide the highest quality staff and facilities possible, and the most comprehensive services.

We want to make your decision to join our therapeutic community easy. Our highly experienced and caring staff, and our newly remodeled facility and its numerous amenities, will help make your decision less difficult.

We have spared no expense to ensure that your comfort will never be lacking. Quality facilities are a clear indication of the respect you will receive as you join us in recovery from addiction.


You focus on your recovery and let us focus on your standard of living.

Newly renovated facilities located in north central Baltimore feature the following amenities:

  • 24-hour care and security staff
  • Transportation for pick-up and appointments by our fleet of new vehicles
  • Full commercial kitchen
  • All bedrooms with new, individually controlled heating and air conditioning units; high-quality furniture and bedding
  • Common area with couch, chairs, computers, and cable TV
  • Full, professionally equipped gym
  • Restaurant-quality hot, chef-prepared, and nutritionist-approved meals served 3x daily
  • Free washers and dryers onsite
  • Personal care items provided
  • Movie nights and other recreational activities-transportation provided

Comprehensive Services

Treatment begins with respect! Which means that everyone is first and foremost an individual, who is to be treated as such. That is our first rule at Fayette House. This means that, at Fayette House, you will be referred to as a "member" -- not a patient.

  • Personalized treatment approach focused squarely on the individual's goals
  • All levels of residential care-ASAM 3.1, 3.3, 3.5 and 3.7 (coming later this year)
  • Counseling and therapy services focus on "respect" and recovery for our members
  • Mental Health services onsite, with psychiatrists on call for any necessary prescriptions
  • Intervention services, including family participation
  • Detox services (later this year)
  • Referrals to community partners for services not provided onsite. (For example, an Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meeting.)
  • Vocational and employment services, job training - provided on-site or we provide your transportation
  • Optional faith-based programs conducted off-site. Transportation provided to and from religious services.

Fayette House is a residential treatment facility for adult men. We are funded by Medicaid. Even if you are not enrolled in or eligible for Medicaid, you may be entitled to free care at Fayette House.